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The question of AUs

I originally intended this community to be for telling the untold stories of the women of the movies, but people have been posting AUs (and fine ones) lately. So I put it to you, community members: which would you prefer?

(1) Continuing the no-AU policy until we've written a story for every woman on the list

(2) Allowing members to post AU stories, but they will not count towards finishing the list

I still don't intend to add Expanded Universe character to the list until after the movie characters all have stories, else the list would be terrifyingly long. Of course, you're welcome to include Expanded Universe and original characters in your stories about the women of the movies.

Thanks again for your participation! I'm not quite caught up reading your fabulous stories, but I'm very impressed so far. I'll try to post some low-key prompts/challenges shortly.
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